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These products are mainly used for color control (adjustment of existing colors) in virgin and regrind applications. In our partner, Astropol®, are available toners in all Astropol product formats.


Astrobatch® and Astromicro® (pellet) toners are dosed into virgin and regrind PVC to:

1. Maintain color tolerances and shift color requirements online.

2. Mask the natural degradation of PVC, boosting colour stability and performance.


Astroblend® (powder) masterbatch is added to the PVC dry blend, either directly to the mixer or via the stabiliser one pack. Post production and post consumer PVC dosed with Astropol toners can assist producers to achieve their environmental recycling commitment to sustainability.


Astropol Recycling
Sustainable masterbatch Products In the case of regrind/pulver, these toners can be used in conjunction to boost the colour and improve aesthetics supporting the industries commitment to sustainability in the use of post production and post consumer waste.


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