Color Masterbatch

Color Masterbatch

A. Schulman has established a long-lasting leading position in the supplier market of colour concentrates. An interesting range of customers all over the world appreciates our knowledge and experience in colour development. Our technology centres are equipped with research and quality control labs to ensure high quality products. With an extensive set of fibre spinning, blown or cast film and sheet or profile extrusion lines, we can virtually match every colour for every application. To assure a quick and accurate service, we provide an exciting palette of standard and special effects colors. In an attempt to meet every customer’s expectations we also offer tailor-made solutions, applicable in a large spectrum of industries from automotive and agricultural, over medical and telecommunications to film and packaging.


Standard Colors

A. Schulman presents a standard colour range with a variety of colors to choose from. These versatile colors, which are always in stock, are immediately available. Therefore we can deliver samples in small or large quantities at short notice. All standard colors can be used in a number of industries. Masterbatches are available in different types of polymers like polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene and special engineered resins as PET or nylon.


Special Effect Colors

Through the years A. Schulman has specialized in personal care and beauty products. We offer a wide range of special effect colors as pearlescents, fluorescents, phosphorescents and more for various applications including blow moulding and injection moulding. In this industry, which requires specific know-how, we cooperate closely with marketing departments to ensure products that appeal to customers.


Tailor-Made Colors

In addition to our standard and special effects colour range, A. Schulman also provides tailor-made solutions. We constantly invest in research and innovation to keep up with the customer’s specifications. Any application from crates, over artificial grass, to caps, closures and more allows us to explore the world of colour concentrates. Therefore we gladly accept the challenge to match your unique colour and fulfil the unthinkable.