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Stabilizers are essential for the processing of PVC and provide the finished product with the required properties and durability. Adiscolor® stabilizers are sold under the trade name Baerostab® and contain unique components, but also complex formulas of these basic components.
The Baerostab® range also includes mixed liquid and solid metal stabilizers for plastisol processing, calendering and flexible extrusion as well as a range of kickers used in applications such as cushioned vinyl flooring.
One-pack stabilizers
One-pack stabilizers, sold under the trade name Baeropan®, are used for extrusion and injection molding of rigid and plasticized PVC. One-pack stabilizers combine stabilizers (Baerostab®) with lubricants (Baerolub®) and other additives to provide customized solutions. The Baeropan® one-pack are designed to meet specific requirements in terms of long-term stability and durability along with specific processing requirements. One-pack stabilizers are available based on lead salts and soaps, but also as calcium-based stabilizers to meet regulatory demands in Europe and other areas of the world. Adiscolor® has also developed one-pack stabilizers free of organic zinc and calcium zinc.


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