About Us

About Us

In 1981, ADISCOLOR is formed to develop the offer of modern additives and dyes for the national manufacturing industry of plastics, thus contributing to its development and prestige, in a traditional and secular specialty-the manufacture of ropes, cables and nets in synthetic materials for various applications and especially for use in sectors of the naval industry. Portugal, traditional producer of cables and ropes in sisal since the 15th century, has not lost the leadership characteristics in this field, only adapting to the inevitable gradual replacement of sisal by Synthetics. And we, ADISCOLOR, can be proud to have for this decisive contribution and very effectively with the provision of new products, of enormous quality, but demanding a lot of technical and logistical support.


Since several years ago, the founder of ADISCOLOR, Rogério Ferreira da Silva, there was begun trade relations with the prestigious Group A. Schulman Plastics, originating in the United States of America, but already in great development in Europe with production units in Belgium, Germany, England, France, Italy and others. ADISCOLOR, since its formation, has worked in practice as an affiliate of Grupo A. Schulman Plastics, representing it exclusively in Portugal, maintaining stocks of Schulman products for immediate supplies and thus responding promptly to customer requests.


Today, after almost 40 years since its formation, the ADISCOLOR remains endowed with several young collaborators with other more experienced, thus ensuring the necessary strength in the various domains of action. Always with Schulman Plastics as a nuclear partner of their activity, not neglecting the new technological requirements that are imposed for the effectiveness and quality of service implied to the responsibility of those who intend to remain a privileged partner in the Portuguese plastic industry, with positions of great highlight in various world markets.


However, in 1989, and as a consequence of the recognized prestige of the ADISCOLOR in the world of plastics, it was proposed and created a new company-the Baerlocher Química Portuguesa, Lda. intended to operate in association with one of the most important worldwide groups of additives and compounds for the PVC industry-the BAERLOCHER GmbH, headquartered in Munich and factories on all continents.

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